Left to Right: Mgmt.- Peter Campanelli, Walter Bronk-Zdunowski, Bill Forthofer, Kaz Karwowski. Apprentice: Adrian Regula, Chris Gabriel, Matthew Formicola, Colin Hagan,  Roman Buben. CT Manufacturing Apprenticeship Rep.- Keri Lamontagne. Mgmt.- Robert Adamczyk, Stephen Ferraro Jr.

Cambridge Specialty Company has embarked on a journey with the CT Department of Labor by actively utilizing the Connecticut Apprenticeship Program. This program combines supervised structured on-the-job training with classroom instruction. Employees (Apprentice) are employed by the company, mentored by skilled journey supervisors, challenged by learning a trade in this “Nationally Recognized Certification of Skills”. Today Cambridge has (5) active Apprentice Employees in the program. (see photo)

Benefits to the Company/Sponsor will be to develop a well-trained workforce, improve employee retention and increase productivity, profitability as well as positively impacting the bottom line. We appreciate the support we are getting from the CT Dept of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship Training making this program a success.

Apprenticeship Program Sponsor Certification 2020

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